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EcDPD (Free Chlorine Test Solutions)

EcDPD (Free Chlorine Test Solutions)

A new technology for testing the residual free chlorine in the tap water. By comparing the result that was conducted by the Department of Science Services (DSS), EcDPD has been the same performance and quality as much as imported brand.

Advantages of EcDPD.

  • Cost saving.
  • Easy to use with a colorimeter.
  • Fast and Convenient
  • Reducing toxicity hazardous waste.

    EcDPD by UU: A Revolutionary Technology for Testing Free Chlorine Residues in Tap Water

    The Department of Science Services conducted a comparative testing and found that EcDPD by UU is equally effective as the imported brand DPD for testing residual chlorine in tap water. This breakthrough technology eliminates the need for importing powdered DPD compounds, resulting in significant cost savings.

    A Game-Changing Testing Method

    Testing for residual chlorine is crucial in tap water production and distribution systems. Traditionally, this required the use of chlorine meters combined with imported powdered DPD compounds. However, this method incurred high testing costs and generated substantial hazardous waste.

    Unleashing the Power of EcDPD

    EcDPD by UU revolutionizes the testing process by reducing hazardous waste to just one-fifth of the amount generated by ordinary DPD compounds. This not only reduces environmental impact but also significantly cuts down on testing costs.

    Comparative Testing Results

    The Department of Science Services conducted comparative testing to evaluate the efficacy of EcDPD by UU against the imported brand DPD. The results showed that there was no significant difference in effectiveness between the two technologies. This means that EcDPD by UU provides an equally reliable and accurate testing solution.

    Embrace EcDPD by UU

    Upgrade your testing process with EcDPD by UU and experience the benefits of reduced costs and environmental impact. Say goodbye to imported DPD compounds and embrace this innovative technology that offers comparable performance without compromising on accuracy. Make the switch to EcDPD by UU and revolutionize your residual chlorine testing in tap water.

    Note: EcDPD by UU stands for Environmentally-conscious Dichlorophenolindophenol and DPD is a commonly used reagent for testing free chlorine.